ArtTour International Magazine 2018 Interview

Viviana Puello Art 2 Heart Interview to Artist Barbara Tyler Ahlfield



Artexpo New York 2015 Interview

Redwood Media Group presents Artexpo's exclusive 2015 interview with Barbara Tyler Ahlfield.



Artexpo New York 2014 Booth

Video taken by Alexandra Ahlfield of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield's booth - SOLO 507 at Artexpo New York 2014.



Artexpo New York 2014 Interview

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, Interview with Rick Barnett, Managing Director

Welcome to the Artexpo New York video archives. Dig in to our exclusive interviews with artists, galleries and publishers. Go behind the scenes and enjoy one-on-one discussions, success stories and informative insights from both established and emerging artists.



A slideshow featuring works by Barbara Tyler Ahlfield



Pet Radio Life - Bark and Swagger

Episode 30 - Capturing The Magic: The Portraits of Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

The bond we have with our pets is captured exquisitely in fine artist, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield’s Fashionable People, Fashionable Pets, a series featuring people from her life and their beloved animals. See what she does and hear the great stories about her inspirations!